Premier League Offered The Chance To Finish This Season In Australia

Premier League Offered The Chance To Finish This Season In Australia

The Premier League season has been handed a lifeline – after receiving an offer to finish it in Perth, Australia.

Premier League officials are desperate to finish the season but are yet to come up with a clear course of action.

However, The Sun have reported that agent Gary Williams is back by an Australian senator and is leading the charge for the season to finish overseas.

The Australian Institute of Sport have stated that sport must return ‘in a spectator-free environment, with the end of May being mooted as a return.

Am unnamed club official told The Sun: “We go on world tours in pre-season. This is no different. And the climate in Australia is ideal just now.”

Manchester United’s pre-season tour last summer was in Australia and the four high-capacity stadiums could be used.

The four venues are the Optus Stadium (65,000 capacity), Perth Oval (20,500), WACA (24,500) and Joondalup Arena (16,000).

English agent Williams revealed: “I have had discussions with contacts at Premier League clubs and they like the idea.

“I have also spoken with government officials and they are enthusiastic. We are speaking again this week.

“Everybody is safe here. The government has lifted many restrictions.

“We are sitting round in groups of ten, we can walk around and the beaches are open. We have had four new cases in the last ten days.”

Australia have reported 93 coronavirus deaths, a minuscule amount to over 28,000 in the United Kingdom.

Perth state senator Glenn Sterle also added: “I’m watching what’s happening in England with a heavy heart. We want to help.

“We have almost no new cases. It would just be a case of some quarantine for our friends when they arrive and then we are up and running.

“When Gary first mentioned it I thought it was a wonderful idea.

“I’m glad he is getting the same response from the people in the game he has called.

“This is the centre of the sporting universe in Australia. We have fresh air and good weather. It would be ideal.”

Despite all the talks, one Premier League side is against the idea of using neutral venues to conclude the season.

Brighton chief executive Paul Barber said in a statement last night per Sky Sports: “Clearly, we must all be prepared to accept some compromises, and we fully appreciate why playing behind closed doors is very likely to be a necessary compromise to play our remaining games while continuing to fully support the government’s efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus.

“But at this critical point in the season playing matches in neutral venues has, in our view, potential to have a material effect on the integrity of the competition.”

Brighton are currently 15th in the table and sit two points above the relegation zone.