Quincy Promes detained in Dubai following cocaine smuggling charges

Quincy Promes Ajax Spartak Moscow Drug smuggling


Spartak Moscow’s Quincy Promes is reportedly detained in Dubai after a mid-season training camp, sparking suspicions of a connection to his recent six-year prison sentence for cocaine smuggling, with the Netherlands’ authorities initially unaware of his detention

The incident occurred when he was stopped at border control and subsequently prevented from traveling with his team-mates back to Russia.

This development comes after Promes was sentenced to six years in prison in February for his involvement in smuggling over 1,350 kilograms of cocaine in January 2020.

Surprisingly, the Netherlands’ Public Prosecution Service was not initially informed of Promes’ detention, as reported by De Telegraaf.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf suggests that there is suspicion in Russia regarding the connection between Promes’ detention in Dubai and his criminal conviction, although this remains unconfirmed.

Promes had previously been charged in May for his alleged role in smuggling the intercepted cocaine, which consisted of two batches totaling 650 kilograms and 713 kilograms, seized in Antwerp in January 2020. The ongoing investigation continues to unfold.