Paul Pogba receives Russian offer amidst four-year ban

Paul Pogba

French midfielder Paul Pogba, facing a four-year doping ban and currently appealing the decision, has received an offer from Broke Boys, a Russian celebrity-hosted soccer team

The 30-year-old, concluding his second spell at Juventus amidst a series of injuries and unfortunate setbacks, is contemplating the proposal from Broke Boys, a team participating in Russia’s celebrity-hosted league.

According to reports from Tuttosport, Broke Boys have expressed concrete interest in Pogba, viewing the move as an ideal solution for the midfielder to regain confidence in his soccer career.

The team is part of the Media Soccer League, a 2022 creation where celebrities, ranging from actors to influencers, form teams to compete.

Artjom Chatjaturjan, the sporting director of Broke Boys, has actively pursued securing the services of the World Cup winner. In a statement to Tuttosport, Chatjaturjan revealed, “It may seem like a joke, but we called him.”