Liverpool ecstatic as Anfield is No 1 destination for top manager; UCL ambitions revealed

It has been revealed that Xabi Alonso sees Liverpool as the No 1 destination for his future if he is to leave Bayer Leverkusen, while his Champions League ambitions have come to light.

It seems unclear at the moment who the Reds will hire if it’s not Alonso. Indeed, since Jurgen Klopp announced in January that he’s leaving Liverpool at the end of the season, all roads have led to Alonso.

The manager seems the perfect man to take over at a club that puts a lot of value in connections.

As such, the fact the Spaniard previously played for the Reds – and won the Champions League while doing so – means he’s right up there, and that he’s got his Leverkusen side eight points clear at the top of the Bundesliga only strengthens the appeal.

But there are obstacles in the way of Alonso taking the top job at Anfield.

The latest comes in the form of Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich. A manager coaching his side to the point where they can outplay the serial title winners was never going to be safe from their advances for long.

But links between Alonso and Bayern skyrocketed when it was announced Thomas Tuchel will be leaving the Allianz at the end of the season. After that announcement, it is suggested Alonso would be “more willing” to join Bayern than Liverpool right now.

Alonso puts Liverpool No 1 on his list

What’s more, it’s said the club who have won the Bundesliga for the past 11 seasons have “enquired in the last couple of days” about the Spaniard taking the job.

However, a report states that Liverpool are in fact top of Alonso’s list, and Bayern aren’t even second.

Indeed, it’s stated the Reds ‘are in first place’ and Bayern are ‘only’ in third place behind Real Madrid.

The Spaniard played for them as well as Liverpool and Bayern in his career, however, Los Blancos do not need a new manager, so it’s unlikely he’ll be offered their job this summer, whereas offers from the two other sides could well come in.

Leverkusen UCL run proves challenge

The prospect of tackling the Champions League with Bayer Leverkusen could stand in front of both sides, though.

Indeed, Alons has an interest in taking them into the elite European competition.

“He wants to play with his team in the Champions League next season,” Irlbacher said.

“Alonso is grateful to the club, something has grown within him and the fans love him.”

He’d most likely be able to lead either of the other sides in the Champions League, with Liverpool top of the Premier League and Bayern second in the Bundesliga.

However, after romping through the Europa League group stages with Leverkusen and not dropping a single point, the chance to go a step further in a competition he’s led them to is an opportunity that’s appeal is not hard to see.