‘JA Morant trying not to look’: This is the Grizzlies reporter that NBA stars can’t keep their eyes off

Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies reporter KJ Wright has caught the eye of both NBA players and fans. The journalist, who exclusively covers the team from Memphis, almost has 120 thousand followers on Instagram and it’s not hard to see why.

Aside from what followers describe as her ‘sexy’ content- which includes exotic bikini looks from the beach-, the journalist’s photos while reporting from the sidelines during games have also gained plenty of attention.

In fact, her work content has become somewhat of a meme within the NBA community. The reporter has uploaded many photos with players from both the Grizzlies and other teams and there seems to be one theme in common: what followers describe as the ‘no look challenge’.

As social media users have pointed out, Wright’s eye-catching outfits have at times appeared to be a bit of a distraction to those players she’s interviewed. There is one recent post that hilariously proves that theory, involving JA Morant. In the photos posted recently by the journalist, the Grizzlies player has been praised for his ‘peak eye discipline’ as he’s being interviewed.

Wright’s post has been filled with comments expressing their admiration for Morant’s “concentration.” “Brothers…. This is what peak eye discipline looks like,” wrote one user. “Ja tryin hard not to look,” said another. “These players can’t even look in your direction,” echoed another user.

It’s not just Morant. The comments are very similar in posts involving other players… with many not doing as valiant as job as the Grizzlies player.