Apollonia Llewellyn radiates confidence in exclusive Swiss sojourn

Apollonia Llewellyn

Boxing ring girl Apollonia Llewellyn mesmerized fans with a tasteful display of confidence in a series of snapshots taken during a spa day in Switzerland

Apollonia Llewellyn


Apollonia Llewellyn recently captivated her 579k Instagram followers with a post that earned her comparisons to a “beautiful Venus.” The boxing ring girl gracefully showcased her physique in a tasteful display of confidence, donning a petite thong bikini.


Apollonia Llewellyn

Llewellyn, known for her presence in the boxing ring, treated her admirers to a series of snapshots taken during a serene moment in a Swiss hot tub. The setting provided a picturesque backdrop as she exuded charm and poise.

In the images, Apollonia skillfully posed on the edge of the hot tub, the sleek black swimwear highlighting her curves. With an air of relaxation, she indulged in the tranquil atmosphere, inviting viewers to appreciate her beauty and confidence.

Subsequently, as she submerged into the water, Llewellyn continued to emanate allure, showcasing close-up shots that captured her smouldering gaze and perfectly executed pouts. The captions accompanying the upload simply stated, “Spa days,” offering a glimpse into her leisurely retreat.