Manchester City accept Football Association anti-doping charge

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Manchester City accept Football Association anti-doping charge

Manchester City have accepted a Football Association anti-doping charge after failing to notify officials of player whereabouts for drugs testing.

Clubs are required to provide accurate details of training sessions and player whereabouts so that they are available for testing at all times.

City have allegedly failed to ensure its information was accurate on three occasions.

The FA has a ‘three strikes’ policy and the most likely punishment is a fine.

It is understood the information was not updated following a change to training routines.


The fact City have accepted the charge is not a surprise.

Doping is a word that attracts big headlines and they are even greater when it is attached to one of the world’s leading football clubs.

However, as I understand it, the three breaches of the whereabouts rule were relatively low level.

Clubs are responsible for a number of teams – senior, women, under-23 – and one infringement by each would be enough to trigger a charge.

Still, it is slightly embarrassing for the Blues, who are likely to receive some sort of fine.