FA must wait to see ‘corruption’ evidence

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FA must wait to see ‘corruption’ evidence

The Football Association will not be able to access any evidence from the Daily Telegraph’s investigation into football corruption until the police have finished with it, the governing body said.

Police have begun a review to assess any “potential criminal activity”.

The newspaper claimed eight current or ex-Premier League managers had taken bribes for player transfers.

The FA said it awaited an update from police “at the earliest opportunity”.

A statement added: “At the appropriate point, we are keen to ensure the releasing of materials from the Daily Telegraph is expedited in line with our repeated request for full disclosure.”

A recent Daily Telegraph investigation also led to Sam Allardyce losing the England manager’s job after he was filmed offering advice on how to “get around” rules on player transfers.

The FA said at the time Allardyce, who left the position by mutual consent, made “a significant error of judgement and has apologised”.