Barcelona director Javier Bordas: Neymar ‘closer’ to Barsa return

Barcelona director Javier Bordas: Neymar ‘closer’ to Barsa return

Upon landing in Barcelona after Tuesday’s negotations in Paris, Javier Bordas spoke to the gathered media with a sense of optimism.

Around 19:30 local time, FC Barcelona’s negotiating expedition landed at the private flight terminal of El Prat airport in optimistic mood regarding the possibility of securing a return to the Camp Nou for Neymar Jr.

The group was composed of Òscar Grau, club CEO, technical secretary, Éric Abidal, and sporting director, Javier Bordas. The agent André Cury stayed in Paris along with the Brazilian player and his family as they waited on developments to unfold.

And as the media gathered at the airport in hope of a glimmer of clarification on what had gone on – despite murmers of positivity immediately following the meeting with PSG’s Leonardo – Bordas was the only one to oblige.

“There is no agreement,” the director confirmed, before adding critically, “Not yet. We are still negotiating and I think we are closer.”

When asked if the discussions were about coming to an agreement on money, his reply was simple: “Yes, of course.”

Barcelona’s team had also met with Neymar’s father ahead of their talks with the Paris club.