Alessio Tacchinardi hails Zinedine Zidane the coach

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Alessio Tacchinardi hails Zinedine Zidane the coach

Zinedine Zidane’s former Juventus teammate Alessio Tacchinardi has claimed that the Real Madrid head coach is a better manager than he was a player.

Zidane was promoted to Real Madrid’s first-team boss in January 2016, and has led the club to back-to-back Champions League titles, in addition to wrestling the La Liga title away from Barcelona last season.

On the pitch, meanwhile, the former midfielder represented Cannes, Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid during an incredibly successful career.

Despite his qualities as a footballer, Tacchinardi has paid tribute to Zidane’s managerial capabilities.

“I say Zidane is better as a manager [than a player] because as a player, Mother Nature helped him,” Tacchinardi told Omnisport. “He didn’t need any tips, he entered the pitch and played like when he was a kid. Zidane was, and is, football on the pitch.

“As a manager he became a strong man. He was withdrawn and shy, but if such a group [of players] follow you like this, it means you have improved your character.

“Tactically he is good. He always finds the right move. He is stronger as a manager. He was a purebred as a player, but as a manager he inherited a catastrophic situation and won every cup.

“He is a phenomenon. But I admit that I would never ever thought he could become a phenomenon as a manager. If anyone who played with him swears he thought Zidane could become what he is now, this guy is a fool.”

Zidane will take his Real Madrid team to Juventus for the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final on Tuesday night.